Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Shoot for your dreams!

8th of March flowers from my male work colleagues / What a great taste they have :)
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Hey Hey!

Happy international woman's day! I am here today to encourage you to shoot for your dreams. I am here to encourage me to shoot for my dreams. I am pretty confident that my international woman’s day decision will come true, because I made the promise to myself, and you know it is very heavy on the heart to lie and betray yourself. 

It has been four years, since the idea of sharing parts of my soul on Internet awaken. Then all the “how to write a blog” tutorials reading started… I was not ready to share my private thoughts with unknown people, I did not understand the importance of sharing experiences and knowledge, I was afraid of all the haters, I was scared no one will read my blog. Fear conquered my dreams. 

Additionally, I could not choose only one theme for my blog, and everybody was saying and writing how you need to have the main theme. That “need to” is limiting our minds. What does having a main theme even means? If I want to share my knowledge with you, should I have an educational blog? If I want to share my clothing ideas, should I have a fashion blog? If I want to share my handmade jewellery making hobby, should I have a DIY blog? If I want to share my travel experiences and photos, should I write a travel blog? Tell me, why we tame ourselves by putting our thought and dreams into one main theme? I learned so much in these four years, my personality transformed, and fear does not lead my soul anymore. I honestly believe there is that one right moment for everything to happen in our lives, and the moment has come, for me, and for you.

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It is the time to shoot for your dreams! We are on this Earth for a reason, our souls know which dreams to follow, we just happen to get lost in our everyday lives, under the influence of various external factors. Whose dreams are we living? Who decides what your life path is? Why we consider other people expectations from us important? What is your purpose? You are unique. Accept and cherish your uniqueness. 

The reality is, that absolutely no one is getting out of this life we are living alive, so use this chance you have been given, use your given time. We cannot know what life can offer, if we do not try. Come on this journey with me, I will guide you through my life path and share my experiences and knowledge in order to enrich your life. Whose dreams are we living? 

Stay safe and sound, and find your inner ground.

With love,

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