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Silver Decorative Seashells / DIY

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Summer 2016. just left the horizon in my part of the world, but I made a subtle You Tube tutorial for silver decorative seashells so we can all enjoy the sea breeze in our homes throughout the whole year. 

I would love to share my love for handmade decorations, for home design, and for the “sea sun sand” concept. You can watch this detailed tutorial in the You Tube video below.  

One of the main ingredients for this tutorial was that gorgeous silver spray paint. Have you even wondered who should we thank for having spray paint? 

According to Kelley & the Joiner History Room Staff (2007) the man who invented the aerosol spray paint back in 1949 was Edward Seymour. Allegedly, the invention was triggered by painting radiators with the spray gun (Kelley & the Joiner History Room Staff, 2007).

However, Vincent (2010) does not consider Edward Seymour for a genius, since the aerosol was not a new concept in 1940s because the bug spray already existed and it was used by the USA Army. Nonetheless of who we should thank for this invention, Mr. Seymour or the USA Army, the invention of aerosol spray paint changed the game for the whole paint industry. 

Besides this, spray paint also aroused the existence of a completely new art subculture – Spray Paint Art, which is very dear to my art taste buds.  
Silver Decorative Seashells
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Furthermore, Edward, also remembered as Ed Seymour, has chosen aluminum as his first spray paint color (Seymour of Sycamore, 2016). On the official website of the company Seymour of Sycamore whose founder was Edward Seymour, it is said that Ed borrowed money in order to develop his idea. Additionally, this initial formulation of the spray paint has been altered and improved many times during the 1950s and the 1960s (Seymour of Sycamore, 2016).

This speaks in favor of thinking that you do not have to be a genius to become an inventor. You do not have to invent something from zero scratch to consider yourself worthy of calling yourself an inventor. You do not have to restrict yourself for inventing something because you do not have money, try your best with the resources that you do have. Encourage yourself to change the existing products in such a way that they serve a new purpose, or that they are modified in a new product. You can choose how your invention will look like, how it will be presented, which purpose it will serve, how many times it will be altered. You can create  your own little secret invention and watch the beauty of diverse positive and negative reactions when you share it with the world. 

The inventions are not reserved only for the IQ and money privileged. This world will be enriched if we encourage our children to become inventors. Have you ever dreamed to invent something and be remembered as an inventor?

Stay safe and sound, and find your inner ground.


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